Scylla sorts the field in alphabet order

Hey everyone. Is there any way to do not sort the field by alphabet order? Here is my cql

email text,
password text,
refresh_token text,
access_token text,
user_id uuid,
created_at time,
last_login time,
PRIMARY KEY (email));

and the result

SELECT * FROM auth.users;

email | access_token | created_at | last_login | password | refresh_token | user_id

Thanks in advance for any help

I’m not sure I understand yoru question, you can determine the order by using the Clustering key. Read more about it in the Basic Data Modeling lesson on ScyllaDB University.

Do you mean the columns themselves? Those are sorted indeed by alphabetical order, except for the key columns, those are left in the order provided by the CREATE TABLE statement.
There is now way to turn this off.