Scylla in EC2 EC2 load high

I have 10 node scylla-cluster,5 of these nodes are newly joined scylla-cluster ,but 5new node High load,5 old node load is normal

Please share more details, things like:

  • Platform (physical/VM/cloud instance type/docker):
  • Hardware: sockets= cores= hyperthreading= memory=
  • Disks: (SSD/HDD, count)
  • Scylla version (or git commit hash):
  • Cluster size:
  • OS (RHEL/CentOS/Ubuntu/AWS AMI):
  • The data model
  • What was the motivation for adding the additional nodes?

Hardware:16C 122G
Disks:raid0 3.8T

In the beginning have 5 node ,and than add 5new node in scylla-cluster, but only new node have high load and always play compaction very frequent.
just like:

avg ops 12k , max 30k

@huang can you clarify what is the graph it’s operation per sec ?

which clients are used ? java / python / rust ? are those scylla ones ? what are there versions ?

something is unbalanced, and for understand the cause we’ll need much more information about the load, we’ll need the schema, and the few example of the typical queries being done.

I think ScyllaDB University | Basic & Advanced Data Modeling goes into some details of how the schema should be built

scylla version:all node is 5.2.2

like this?

More details are needed to understand what’s going on, things like:

  • Schema used
  • Installation details (ScyllaDB version, cluster size, OS)
  • Hardware details: Platform (physical/VM/cloud instance type/docker), sockets= cores= hyperthreading= memory=, Disks (SSD/HDD, count)