Say Hello, How are you using ScyllaDB?

Hi there. I’m Suraj Vijayan, Undergraduate student from India. I’m a Full Stack web and app developer (started coding at 16) and currently into Rust and Cassandra. Learnt Cassandra (through DataStax workhops and their academy) and got certified as Developer Associate.

I had always been looking into Discord’s tech stack and came to know the fact that they moved from Cassandra to ScyllaDB. Though I studied a lot about it in blogs, I so curios (excited too like - “Whoa!! Damn! Awesome!! why not give a try?” ). And this how I ended here. Looking forward to learn ScyllaDB.

Talking about projects I have a made a lot, but the one I like a lot is my portfolio site. As its an full stack site and uses Cassandra (AstraDB) to collect website stats (yes a lot, no google analytics), people can comment, like and share my works and achievments. Why not give a try to it - and also an honorable mention to my AstraDB Navigator - A low code environment to manage you AstraDB instances.

I guess this is an pretty huge message. but yeah thank you if you came this far.

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