[RELEASE] ScyllaDB Rust Driver 0.8.1


  • Token awareness now works correctly with execute_iter. (#700)

  • A deadlock that occurs immediately when trying to send a query with latency aware policy set is now fixed. (#697)

  • The documentation used to accidentally strip rust attributes from code examples, which is now fixed. (#684)

  • If the database responds with an error during connection handshake, it will now be properly propagated to users. (#686)


  • The set_retry_policy/get_retry_policy methods were brought back (they were removed previously with the introduction of execution profiles). (#707)

  • The default load balancing policy now supports rack-aware load balancing. (#666)

  • Serialization/deserialization is now possible for array types. (#693)

  • Various extensions to the execution profile API needed for the cpp-rust-driver project were added. (#690)

  • The documentation now contains an example that shows how to connect to a serverless cluster. (#685)


  • Tests for the serverless support have been added. (#689, #694)