[RELEASE] ScyllaDB Enterprise 2022.2.11

The ScyllaDB team announces ScyllaDB Enterprise 2022.2.11, a bug-fix production-ready ScyllaDB Enterprise patch release for ScyllaDB Enterprise 2022.2.

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The following issue are fixed in this release (with an open-source reference, if available):

  • Stability: a rare failure in row_cache_test/test_concurrent_reads_and_eviction #12462

  • Stability: a lot of lsa-timing log messages during node replace cause c-s stuck and aborted. The fix update the reactor shares for default IO class from 1 to 200 #13753

  • Stability: All rpc::client objects have to be stopped before they are destroyed. Currently this is done in
    messaging_service::shutdown(). The cql_test_env does not call shutdown() currently. This can lead to use-after-free, leading to sigsegv #12244

  • Stability: ICS compaction is not working in cleanup #14035 (introduced in 2022.2.0)

  • Stability: Range-scans have a protection against using the wrong service-level to continue a suspended range-scan. This protection had a mistake, resulting in the node crashing when the protection mechanism was triggered. multishard_mutation_query: reader_context::lookup_readers() is not exception safe w.r.t. closing readers #13784

  • Stability: bad_alloc (seastar - Failed to allocate 536870912 bytes) #13491. Root cause is a logic fault causing the reader to attempt to read all the data, consuming all memory. Can occur during sstableloader/nodetool refresh, repair or range scan.