[RELEASE] ScyllaDB Cloud - 30 January 2024

We are happy to announce a new update to the ScyllaDB Cloud service.

AWS Transit Gateway Integration Now Available: We are excited to announce the availability of our new AWS Transit Gateway feature, offering you more flexibility in your network connectivity choices as part of our Premium tier offering. Our new AWS Transit Gateway integration streamlines network connections, allowing for the easy linking of multiple networks via a single transit gateway.

With AWS Transit Gateway, any network connected to the transit gateway can communicate seamlessly with others also linked to it, simplifying network management and connectivity. This premium feature enhances the capabilities available to our users, ensuring robust and efficient network handling.

However, if your needs are better met by direct, individual links, VPC Peering is still available and fully supported. This means you have the choice to add either Transit Gateway or VPC Peering connections, depending on your specific requirements.

For Bring Your Own Account (BYOA) customers looking to leverage the Transit Gateway feature, it’s important to contact Support for necessary updates to your IAM policy. This ensures that the integration functions smoothly within your existing infrastructure.

Updated UI for Cluster Connections: In our latest UI update, after creating a cluster, you will now find a “Connections” tab on the Cluster Details page. This replaces the previously labeled “VPC Peering” tab. The new “Connections” tab is your central place to view all connections to your cluster. From here, you can easily add a new connection and select the type of connection you need, whether it’s VPC Peering or Transit Gateway. This streamlined approach makes managing your network connections more intuitive and efficient.

To add a new Transit Gateway connection, follow our guide here.

To migrate an existing VPC Peering connection to a Transit Gateway connection, follow our migration guide here.

For more information, see our Cluster Connections docs.

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