[RELEASE] ScyllaDB Cloud - 2 October 2023

We are happy to announce a new update to the ScyllaDB Cloud service.

New features and enhancements:

  • We’ve added support for the asia-south2 (Delhi) GCP region.

  • You can now create Personal Tokens in your ScyllaDB Cloud accounts, in order to access the ScyllaDB Cloud API and the ScyllaDB Cloud Terraform provider.

    To add a Personal Token, navigate to Settings > Personal Tokens. From there, you’ll be able to generate Personal Tokens.
    If you have access to multiple ScyllaDB Cloud accounts, ensure you create a new personal token in each of the relevant accounts.

    This feature replaces legacy API keys. Legacy API Keys will be deprecated on January 1, 2024. Users who have an active legacy API key will receive an email with steps on how to generate a Personal Token in ScyllaDB Cloud.

    For more information, see our API docs.