[RELEASE] ScyllaDB 5.2 RC2

The Scylla team is pleased to announce ScyllaDB Open Source 5.2 RC2, the second Release Candidate for the Scylla Open Source 5.2 minor release.

We encourage you to run ScyllaDB 5.2 release candidates on your test environments; this will help ensure that an upgrade to ScyllaDB 5.2 General Availability will proceed smoothly with your workload. Use the release candidate with caution; RC2 is not production-ready yet. You can help stabilize Scylla Open Source 5.2 by reporting bugs here.

Only the last two minor releases of the ScyllaDB Open Source project are supported. Once ScyllaDB Open Source 5.2 is officially released, ScyllaDB Open Source 5.2 and 5.1 will be supported, and ScyllaDB 5.0 will be retired.

For a complete description of ScyllaDB 5.2 see ScyllaDB 5.2 RC1.

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Updates and bug fixes since 5.2 RC1 (not including tests updates)

  • Stability: coredumps were not being generated. A fix increase systemd coredump generation timeout #5430
  • Stability: oversized allocations due to find_first_position_in_partition #11642
  • Stability: reactor stalls, caused by quadratic behavior, when inserting sstables into backlog tracker on schema change during disrupt_add_drop_column #12499
  • Stability: mutation_compactor: last range tombstone in partition will trigger validation error if covered by partition tombstone. Introduced in 5.2 #12575
  • Stability: Scylla may abort in debug mode with UDFs enabled #12708. UDF is experimental in 5.2
  • Stability: types: deserializing multiprecision_int can access uninitialized memory. Found in a fuzzer-like test. #12821
  • Stability: types: deserializing bool can access uninitialized memory. Found in a fuzzer-like test. #12823
  • Stability: Aborting on shard error when rebooting a node right after schema change #12863
  • Tools: a fix in scylla sstable: data_dictionary_impl might return invalid data #12875
  • Stability: scylla: Segmentation fault and coredump while sync data for removing node #12958