Regards Incremental backup restore in open source

when iam restoring incremental backup not getting incremental data.
Can you help on this

Please provide information, things like:

  1. What version are you using?
  2. Which backup procedure are you following?
  3. What is the exact error/issue you are facing? What do you mean by “not getting incremental data”?


  1. Iam using Scylla version 5.2

Backup your Data | ScyllaDB Docs For backup iam following this

Restore from a Backup and Incremental Backup | ScyllaDB Docs For rstore iam following this

  • When updating data in cqlsh shell in the incremental backup it is not updating.
  • For Restore incremental backup
    a. When restoring iam not getting any error.
    b. I need to restore incremental backup, i lost only after daily backup of data, How to do this one.
    c. if we run the schema 1st point in restoring backup , it is creating one more table schema in the data.
    d. After restoration when iam checking the data iam getting below error.
    ReadFailure: Error from server: code=1300 [Replica(s) failed to execute read] message=“Operation failed for example_keyspace.users - received 0 responses and 1 failures from 1 CL=ONE.” info={‘failures’: 1, ‘received_responses’: 0, ‘required_responses’: 1, ‘consistency’: ‘ONE’}

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