[NOTE] Scylla Manager 3.1.0 users

Due to a bug in our release repo procedures, release candidate 3.1rc0, not 3.1.0 was tagged as the latest 3.1 patch release for a time window of a few days.

As a result, users who upgrade to 3.1 might use a release candidate instead of the official release.

The result of using the release candidate is backup storage usage climbing steadily as old backups are not cleaned in time. See #3415.

Backups are still valid.
How to check if you are exposed:


sctool version

If you see something like

Client version: **3.1.0** -0.20230424.6181fb96

Server version: **3.1.0** -0.20230424.6181fb96

you are good.

If you see

Client version: **3.1.0-rc0** -0.20230116.66e64b43b40

Server version: **3.1.0-rc0** -0.20230116.66e64b43b40

You are using rc0. please contact support for instructions on how to upgrade to 3.1.x