Nodetool gossipinfo


nodetool gossipinfo is returning some info about all tables as part of “X2”. What does the float value in X2 mean?


It indicates the cache hit rate for the keyspace.table in question. We propagate this data via gossip for HWLB.

Nonetheless, this is a good question and I agree X2 through X10 mean nothing. :slight_smile:

Will follow up with a doc issue.


yes, its a bit hard to understand :slight_smile:

I assume that latency information is used for things like LatencyAwarePolicy, etc?


Nope, as it is exchanged through gossip (not to clients). The purpose of the cache hitrate is to enable Heat Weighted Load Balancing, so the coordinator node determines which replicas to query.

I see, I thought this get also exposed to the clients. Thanks!