New Kafka and ScyllaDB lab on ScyllaDB University

I recently published a new lab on ScyllaDB University, on using Apache Kafka with ScyllaDB.

In the lab, you’ll learn how to use the Scylla CDC source connector to push change events in a ScyllaDB cluster to a Kafka server. The main steps in the lab are:

  • Launch a three-node ScyllaDB cluster using Docker and create a keyspace and a table.
  • Launch a Kafka server using the Confluent platform, also using Docker.
  • Download and connect the ScyallaDB CDC connector.
  • Use the Confluent web GUI to view Kafka messages received after changes to the data in the ScyllaDB cluster

Change Data Capture, or CDC, is a feature that allows you to query the history of recent changes made to the table. CDC allows users to build streaming data pipelines that enable real-time data processing and analysis and immediately react to data changes occurring in the database. In the lab, you’ll see this hands-on.

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