Migrating from DynamoDB to ScyllaDB

Agenda- Migrate DynamoDB tables to ScyllaDB (Schema as well as data)

Does the Scylla-Migrator migrate the table schema as well, or do I have to create the exact schema in ScyllaDB, and then it can just migrate the data?

*The question was asked on Stack Overflow by Aradhana Singh

you need to create the keyspace and table in the remote cluster, migrator can map the old table to the new table layout if needed.

The reason why we don’t migrate schema automagically is that most of the times you want to have it different (e.g., different compactions strategy or new columns), and then having this as a manual step makes sure you can review your schema before using it.

That said I think it makes sense to ask for a special flag that will just migrate old schema for you to new cluster - Issues · scylladb/scylla-migrator · GitHub - can you file it there?

*The answer was provided on Stack Overflow by Lubos