Low cost method for new startup

I have a web site AWS EC2 and I need new EC2 instance for ScyllaDB.

When I deploy ScyllaDB in my own account, do I need minimum configuration details like CPU, RAM, Storage?

I need to deploy ScyllaDB one node in EC2 with low instance. This website is beginning level so I need to start from 5GB storage, 2CPU, 1GB RAM (One Node or One Instance). is this posible?

You can consider t2.small instances with EBS volumes, and scale to larger instances as you grow.

Eventually move to i3en.large when you pass 100GB or so.

So do I need 3 number of t2.small instances ? Can’t I use 1 node (Instance) ?

If you’re running ScyllaDB in production, it’s recommended to run it on at least 3 nodes.

A good starting point is the Introduction lesson in the Essentials course on ScyllaDB University.
Another useful resource is the Getting Started guide in the Documentation.

  1. My problem is can i use any AWS instance with any size (micro, small, etc.) for following both methods?
  • Method 1 - Use ScyllaDB cloud with AWS EC2 use in my own account
  • Method 2 - Use ScyllaDB opensource
  1. Any deployment video for AWS EC2 with ScyllaDB opensource?

I read instruction and getting started guide but i did not found any deployment video with ScyllaDB opensource. YouTube have TODO app project with ScyllaDB Cloud.