Last week in scylladb.git master (issue #166; 2023-02-05)

This short report brings to light some interesting commits to scylladb.git master from the last week. Commits in the 5eadea301e…61dfc9c10f range are covered.

There were 64 non-merge commits from 16 authors in that period. Some notable commits:

Raft topology now verifies that the gossip view of the token ring matches the raft view.

Yet another locking race in the materialized view update path was fixed.

A size-on-disk accounting bug in commitlog was fixed. This could lead to segment recycling being stopped indefinitely, with a large reduction in write performance.

A bug which could cause crashes while reporting errors in invalid CQL statements involving field selection from a user-defined type was fixed.

The compaction backlog tracker computes the amount of work remaining for compaction. It is updated when inserting sstables into the table. The efficiency of this process, for leveled compaction strategy tables, was improved.

io_uring support was disabled, since it appears to cause regressions.

ScyllaDB is now more careful which dropping user-defined types that are used by a user-defined function.

Out-of-memory management can halt allocations from all but one query, in order to get that query to complete and release memory. However, if that query was paused, it could deadlock the system. This is now fixed.

See you in the next issue of last week in scylladb.git master!