Last week in scylla-cluster-tests.git master (issue #45; 2024-04-26)

This short report brings to light some interesting commits to scylla-cluster-tests.git master from the last week. Commits in the 7380b6bf…e8cdc0ba range are covered .

There were 15 non-merge commits from 3 Software Engineers in Test and 1 Software Engineer in that period. Some notable commits:

The simulated_racks SCT config option, which allows configuration of different Scylla DB racks within a single availability zone, is now complemented by a new simulated_regions option. This new feature enables the simulation of multiple Scylla DB regions with nodes provisioned within the same regional boundary.

Additionally, we’ve enhanced our logging capabilities by incorporating hostname information into RemoteCmdRunner output, making it easier to analyze test results.

Due to the EOL status of Centos-7, we’ve transitioned to Ubuntu for loader and monitor nodes.

Testing of tablets at scale (covering multiple keyspaces and tables) is now integrated into CI.

The new ScyllaMetricsController class simplifies the disabling of specific Scylla metrics collection when needed.

Manager version comparison now accounts for snapshot versions as well.

See you in the next issue of last week in scylla-cluster-tests.git master!