Last week in scylla-cluster-tests.git master (issue #34; 2024-01-13)

This brief update highlights some noteworthy commits to the scylla-cluster-tests.git master from the past week, specifically those within the 9c5b107f…990f3ed8 range.

During this period, there were 17 non-merge commits contributed by 5 authors. Here are some of the significant changes:

The many-clients test, which is based on i3.metal machines (72 cores), has been improved by incorporating an authenticator into the c-s commands. The connectionsPerHost c-s option was also used to simulate 100k connections per node.

In the event that scylla-bench encounters a failure during data validation, SCT will now generate a CRITICAL event and terminate the test.

When commitlog-use-hard-size-limit is activated in Scylla, SCT initiates a thread that continuously checks the “free segments” and “commitlog directory” metrics throughout the test. This ensures that the commitlog does not exceed the set limit and that the free segments do not reduce to zero.

Several recent fixes have been implemented to ensure the hydra utility is compatible with podman. This week, the restoration of the monitor stack was successfully resolved.

Stay tuned for more updates in the next issue of last week in scylla-cluster-tests.git master!