Last week in scylla-cluster-tests.git master (issue #25; 2023-09-23)

This short report brings to light some interesting commits to scylla-cluster-tests.git master from the last week. Commits in the e5f2055d…730bd7a4 range are covered.

There were 17 non-merge commits from 7 authors in that period. Some notable commits:

Scylla’s setup scripts now produce debug logs, we started collecting them into setup_scripts_errors.log. The file contains more detail of traceback with current value of variables, it helps to fix bugs which are hard to reproduce.

SCT now supports using dns names in cluster. So listen, rpc and seed addresses use dns names instead of ip’s and it was enabled in one of our weekly tests.

Scale test with large number of nodes has been refactored:

  1. New Stress command (larger cells, more keys)
  2. Values for base case (scale from 15 to 25 nodes).
  3. Support GCP and Azure.
  4. used test_custom_time in scenarios
  5. scale nodes pipelines: 15-25, 40-60, 180-200, 450-500

See docs explaining how to use OKTA with created aws profile

Fixed selecting random regions in pipelines instead of specifying it directly.

Applied better firewall rules to close external network access for GCE.

New pipelines created for EaR+KMS: 1d longevity , 6h multiDC longevity and perf CI jobs.

We reverted the change related to collecting stats on truncate duration in upgrade tests because AdaptiveTimeout machinery was causing long delays in tests and failing them due to timeouts.

See you in the next issue of last week in scylla-cluster-tests.git master!