Is it possible to get nodes status with cqlsh?

I can get list of the cluster nodes from system.peers. How i can find out status of the node ( running, down ) ? Thanks

You can use the system.cluster_status virtual table.

cqlsh> select * from system.cluster_status;

 peer        | dc          | host_id                              | load   | owns     | status | tokens | up
-------------+-------------+--------------------------------------+--------+----------+--------+--------+------ | datacenter1 | e0db7b91-8378-478f-a673-db90dae43dce | 449036 | 0.470485 | NORMAL |    256 | True | datacenter1 | e08f7560-bf17-44f7-9dda-a06b9fb9a207 | 324214 | 0.529515 | NORMAL |    256 | True

Thanks, but looks like i don’t have such table:

cqlsh> select * from system.cluster_status;
InvalidRequest: Error from server: code=2200 [Invalid query] message="unconfigured table cluster_status"

Any idea how to create it? Thanks

What scylla version are you on? This table was added in 4.5, it is in scylla for a long time.

$ scylla --version
$ nodetool version
Using /etc/scylla/scylla.yaml as the config file
ReleaseVersion: 3.0.8

so looks like we have old version

any other way to get cluster status for this version?

You can use nodetool status.

As a side-note, please consider upgrading to a supported version (5.1+).