How to integrate Apache Solr and Apache Spark with ScyllaDB?

Hello everyone,
We are planning to migrate from DataStax Enterprise to ScyllaDB but we facing some problems because ScyllaDB doesn’t bundle with Solr, Spark, and doesn’t have SAI index including the ScyllaDB Enterprise version.
How to integrate Apache Solr and Apache Spark with ScyllaDB and make spark/spark-jobserver queries take advantage of indexes including Solr and Scylla indexes?

Thank you,
Ha Nguyen

Hi @asterix0108
Yes, ScyllaDB does not come with bundled 3rd parties, an does not support SAI.

There are available integrations to Spark

and other 3rd parties

You can use these integrations to choose the best bread release of each 3rd party.
Please let me know if it answers your questions.


Thank you for your reply.
Does Scylla have any plan to integrate 3rd parties?

We are consistently adding more integrations, but we do not plan to bundle with more products in the short term. We might do it in the future if it makes sense.