How do I know which ScyllaDB version I’m running?

When I run nodetool version I get one result, but when I run scylla –version I get a different result:

[guy@fedora mms]$ docker exec -it scylla-node1 nodetool version

ReleaseVersion: 3.0.8

[guy@fedora mms]$ docker exec -it scylla-node1 scylla --version


[guy@fedora mms]$

Why is there a difference, and which one is correct?

*Based on a question originally asked on Stack Overflow by LetsNoSQL

You get the correct Scylla version number by using scylla –version.
nodetool version is related to the Cassandra version it was derived from.
In the above example, you are running Scylla version 4.5

*Based on an answer on Stack Overflow by Avi Kivity