Forward pagination with MappedAsync

Is there a way to implement the following asynchronously with MappedAsyncPagingIterable interface with CompletionStage<MappedAsyncPagingIterable> mappedAsyncPage?

I want to implement a linkedin feed feature where first request fetches first 5 rows and the following requests will fetch the next 3 rows

 public List<Tuple2<String,CustomerRequest>> getCustomerRequestData(final String productId, PreparedStatement ps, final String receiptPeriod, String pagingState)
 final int PAGE_SIZE = 10;
 session = cassandraSessionFactory.getSession();
 final List<CustomerRequest> customerRequestdata = new ArrayList<CustomerRequest>();
  final BoundStatement boundStatement = ps.bind(productId, receiptPeriod, PAGE_SIZE);
  final ResultSet resultSet = session.execute(boundStatement);
  final Iterator<Row> iter = resultSet.iterator();
  final PagingState nextPage = resultSet.getExecutionInfo().getPagingState();
  int remaining = resultSet.getAvailableWithoutFetching();
  for (final Row rowdt : resultSet)
  if (--remaining == 0)
 catch (final Exception e)
 return new Tuple2<>(nextPage.toString(), customerRe);