Do I ever need to disable the ScyllaDB cache to use less memory?

Is it possible to disable the cache? If so, how do I do it, and when?

Normally, one should not need to disable the cache. The cache uses memory unused for other purposes. When demand for memory increases, ScyllaDB frees memory by evicting items from the cache (in LRU order). If demand for memory is very high, the cache can be fully evicted.

If one still wants to disable the cache, they can do it by adding enable_cache: false to scylla.yaml, or alternatively, adding the --enable-cache=0 command-line parameter to ScyllaDB.


Its best to let ScyllaDB control how much memory is allocated internally to each function.

Note that you can by-pass cache for a specific query

And control the cache per table

Between these two options, you have a granular control for using the cache.

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