Wanted to upgrade scylladb 2.1.6

HI All,

My scylladb running with single dc

OS Version Scylla Version
CentOS Linux release 7.2.1511 (Core) 2.1.6-.20180701.7d2150a05

Wanted to upgrade /migrate to latest 5.1 community release, Please help as neither i found any software as per the upgrade path mentioned in scylladb website for my running version . or by which way or i can make scylladb upto latest community release.

Please help here

Hey @Mayankk , see the answer here first.
I can think of three options to upgrade from such an old ScyllaDB version:

  1. Follow the minor release upgrade path (2.1->2.2-2.3 and so on). This would take a while as the version you are running is from 5 years ago. However, this is the only upgrade path that we test.
  2. Skip releases when you upgrade. Read the release notes here to make sure nothing major changed. I would not do this with a production cluster, it’s risky and we don’t test this.
  3. Follow the migration process to upgrade from 2.1 directly to the latest release. You can read more about this here.